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Ovulation induction is the stimulation of ovulation by medication like clomid / Letrozoe to produce a one or more healthy eggs, or oocytes, these medications also can be used to control when a woman ovulates, so that sexual intercourse, can be planned ahead. It’s a monitored through follicular study and the medicines dosage can be adjusted accordingly. This procedure involves few investigations. This process increases the chances of pregnancy by 10-20% than that compared to trying naturally so the important days are not missed.

Ovulation is the procedure by which an egg is released from a develop follicle which has created on one of the ovaries. In ladies who have ordinary customary menstrual cycles, this regularly happens once per month. In a few ladies sometimes, follicle development and ovulation happens unpredictably, once in a while and now and again not under any condition.

Ovulation Induction is a typical first line of treatment for ladies with such ovulation or menstrual cycle anomalies. It is a standout amongst the most direct richness medicines accessible and essentially includes taking oral or injectable pharmaceutical to stimulate ovulation. The drug is usually taken toward the start of the menstrual cycle and the lady’s reaction is observed through the cycle utilizing ultrasound. The clinician would then be able to decide when the patient is expected to ovulate and in this way the best time for intercourse or insemination.

Right time to visit for OI with TI is second day of menstrual cycle.

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Blastocyst Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Consultation with Neelima Fertility Specialist


Blood Tests

Treatment Plan

Start of Treatment

The Process



Medications are given for development of one or more mature follicles in a woman’s ovaries.



Pelvic ultrasound scans are used to access the endometrium (lining of the womb) and to determine how the follicles are developing.


Egg Release

Ovulation induction cycles are followed by a HCG Injection to induce ovulation, the final maturation of the egg and loosening of the egg from the follicle wall.


Timed Intercourse

The couple is advised to have intercourse as per the ovulation scan and days suggested by the doctor.

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A Quick Question

For whom OI with TI is suggested?

Ovulation induction treatment is suggested for:
  • Couples who are not able to conceive even after 1 year of unprotected intercourse.
  • Women experiencing unexplained infertility issues.
  • Women who have regularly irregular periods / PCOS.
  • Women who do not ovulate.
Ovulation induction treatment isn’t suggested for:
  • Women above 38 years.
  • Women who have fallopian tubes blocked.
  • Women having extreme endometriosis.
  • Couples having low sperm count or less sperm mobility.