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    For patients

  • We provide all clinical support under one roof. We have in house
  • Biochemistry lab with trained technician,
  • 24/7 Anesthesia services
  • Embryologist for any time oocyte retrieval
  • In house Semen Analysis and semen preparation
  • Gynecologist for any Gyn related issues
  • Physicians to deal with associated problems
  • OT for laproscopy and Hysteroscopy
  • Highly skilled nursing staff
  • Pharmacy

    For doctors

  • Follicular monitoring
  • Investigation
  • IUI
  • Stimulation protocols
  • Treatment guidance
  • Oocyte retrieval for the associated doctors.
  • Embryo transfer

9 th Day Camp

We provide free ante-natal services (ANC) on the 9th of every month on a voluntary basis to pregnant women, especially those living in under-served, semi-urban, poor and rural areas. We don’t just want to provide quantity healthcare, but also quality healthcare.